Our Leadership

Mr. Arjun Rawat is a renowned Business Tycoon in the field of infrastructure. He is a self-made man and an inspiration for the new comers. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon, but in a small town of U.P. His father was a Government employee Mr. Rawat was an ambitious child as he was growing he felt he can’t fulfil his cherished dreams unless he think big and move out of his comfort zone, he shifted to Maharashtra for B.Tech , as he stayed grounded and didn’t forget his roots , He came back to his home town since he has a zest to do something for his town he started work and brought some basic things of construction by taking loan.

As we say a person who dares and tries new things never fails in life. he finally got his first government project to build a minor canal for irrigation in his own home town, Since than he has grown his business on different states level started with BSNL in many states and now working with PWD, NHAI, and Irrigation department.

He believes in never giving up and believing in himself. His main motive is to give something back to society hence he is connected to many social activities too. Indeed Mr. Rawat is an inspiration for many. His life teaches us that if we dream big with clear intentions and don’t give up we can achieve anything in this life.

Mr. Karan Rawat is the Director, C.O.O. of The Rawat Associates, a successful and fast growing infrastructure firm. He is a major and useful part of this firm. He is a young, hardworking and talented personality, whose work is to plan, execute and operate.

We all have heard the phrase 'Nobody is Perfect' but it does not apply to him. His work has reflected sheer perfection. There is no doubt that his work handling skills are so smooth and very consistent. He has taken the company to new heights of success with his young and creative mind.

Age is just a number and no one else can prove it better than him. At such a young age he has achieved so much. He really is an inspiration to the young people who wants to be an Entrepreneur.

There is no need of words to describe him as his work speaks louder. His future plans are to work even harder and add many more achievements to list of Rawat Associates.