Irrigation Canals Dams

Sr. No Principal Scope of work Site Location Start Date End Date Value of Work (Cr.)
1 BDGC Irregation Department U.P. Construction of C.C. linking work BDGC BSR & A.D.G.C. Aligarh under THDC Parriyojna. Bulandsahar (U.P.) 06-09-2019 05-09-2022 147
2 Hardoi Shakha/UP Irregation Dept. Earth work in silt clearance including all lead & lift Partially dressing of 5.00 mtr. Away from toe of both bank 85% qty and 15Qty up to lead of 1.00 km complete for the resepect. Hardoi, UP 17-02-2016 01-04-2016 10
3 Saryu Khand-Gonda Branch Earth work in Restoration of Gonda Branch Saryu canal on silt worl. Gonda Branch, UP 08-06-2016 30-12-2016 37
4 Irregation Department of Unnao Hardoi Branch Restoration of earth on silt and clearance. Unnao Division, UP 01-09-2018 04-12-2019 15
5 U.P. Irregation Unnao Hardoi Branch Restoration of earth on silt clearance Unnao Division, UP 30-11-2018 30-12-2019 14
6 EE Flood Works Division, UP Earth Work Bank strengtheing and improvement of internal section of Sarda Sahayak canal Faizabad, UP 27-03-2015 26-05-2015 60
7 Irrigation Department Tanda, UP C.C. Lining work of Tanda Pump Canal Tanda, UP 20-07-2015 19-07-2020 150
8 EE Irrigation Construction Division, UP Construction of Jarmar left Canal (Aggrement canal crossing, super passage etc.) Lalitpur, UP 28-02-2015 10-10-2017 28
9 EE Irrigation Construction Division-III, UP Earth work in construction of left main canal including all pucca work & right main canal of lower Rohini Dam. Jhansi, UP 23-09-2013 10-07-2014 23